We are pleased to announce the International Conference on Fisheries Engineering 2019: Realizing a Healthy Ecosystem and Sustainable Use of the Seas and Oceans, which will be held in

Nagasaki (Japan), 21-24 September 2019

Research in Fisheries Engineering includes fisheries and environments associated with artificial reefs and seaweeds, construction of fishing ports, fishing boat and fishing gear engineering, resource survey technologies and information technologies relating to fisheries, which contribute to mitigating global scale issues such as climate change, food security and safety, and energy supply.
The Japanese Society of Fisheries Engineering will hold the international conference to review today’s Fisheries Engineering research and discuss the future direction of research. ICFE2019 is also aimed at encouraging the future generations of young men and women in the field.
The sea off Nagasaki was designated as a Marine Renewable Energy demonstration field site by the Headquarters for Ocean Policy, Cabinet Secretariat in 2014. Research and development of related technologies are progressing through collaborations with industries, administrative agencies, and academia. Under these circumstances, this international conference has set the theme “Marine Renewable Energy and Fisheries Engineering” and will hold a one-day symposium on this topic. Leading scientists on the theme will present achievements of their investigations.

We thank you for your attention and hope to welcome many of you in Nagasaki in September 2019.

The Chair of the Organizing Committee
Shinya Otake

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